Commercial Real Estate Appraisal


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At ODDY & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, real estate appraisal of commercial property is based on experience and expertise.  Many factors influence commercial real estate appraisal, so experience in a variety of ever-changing commercial markets is definitely essential.

At ODDY & ASSOCIATES, we perform our appraisals and appraisal services with objectivity, professionalism, and integrity.  Our service-product is a result of our depth of experience and our commitment to professionalism.

ODDY & ASSOCIATES, will guide and counsel you step-by-step in simple or complex commercial real estate appraisal situations.  We explain our appraisal methods in understandable terms and draw upon abundant resources to form credible, defensible appraisal opinions.

We are qualified to appraise and to counsel in a wide range of properties, but choose to restrict our assignments to commercial real estate only.  Unlike many firms where greater business volume is the norm, we are a small company that provides the utmost attention to detail in every assignment.

Our primary marketing tool is our work-product itself, which generates referrals by clients, the commercial real estate brokerage community and advisors.